Match Report 9th October 2013

18 Holes played at El Plantio Golf Club

This was another great day’s golfing enjoyed by 8 ‘Society’ members and one guest player, Dave Hartin, who is John Corbet’s neighbour and enjoyed the game so much he has asked if he could play with us again next February when he returns to Spain. Of course you can Dave, you will be most welcome. Mick Soars is attributed with the dubious honour of losing most balls throughout the game (4) one of which was last seen heading for the motorway and is probably now in Madrid somewhere. Mick is also reported to have thrown one of his clubs further than ever in his annoyance and to have used a lot of foul language (again) after hitting his T-shot into the trees on the 9th hole. It was also noticed that he was the only player wearing long trousers. All said and done Mick had a great game and finished with a really good score, well done Mick.
John Caiger was very well behaved on this occasion and for the first time managed to hit his T-shot over the water on the 7th hole with the ball finishing up ‘pin high’. Well done John, you are a truly a reformed character.
Les Bounds took home the ‘Bandit’ trophy this time and is also attributed with getting two birdies one of which was the result of an 18 yard putt from off the green on the 5th hole. Les now holds the ‘Society’ record for the longest putt beating Gordon Hemming’s previous record of 30 feet.
The usual debate took place at the 19th hole about the colour of our ‘Society’ shirts. John suggested that we should consider the colours he was wearing at the time (lilac) and even stood up to pose in front of the other members. He was promptly asked to sit down again by all those present. There is now is a photo in the ‘Gallery’ of John posing.
Lastly, a get well soon from all the members to Danny Redgewell who was also due to play in this game. It seems he fell off some steps in his garden and injured his ribs ending up in Patricia’s garden next door (???).

The new handicaps are as follows:

  • Ted Hyman – 32.2
  • John Caiger – 34
  • Mick Soars – 35.1
  • Bill Webster – 18.1
  • Les Bounds – 25.4
  • John Corbet – 20

The handicaps have been updated, more photos now in the ‘Gallery’.

One comment

  • Terry Errington

    Evening all , I see another great day was had by monte mar golf society, nice to see john
    Cleared the water and mick is able to throw his clubs further than he hits the ball, nice to
    See you finished up with a good score mick. I see we are still heavy into the chat on
    Shirt colour well we have been shopping for pink I have got one each for les,Gordon and mick
    Only kidding, we’ll les keep the trophy nice and polished because you know it’s coming back
    To me. Anyway glad you all had a good which it always is I am hoping to get a game next
    Week see you in November can’t wait. Terry. (Seve) errington