Match Report 28th September 2016

Another great day’s golfing enjoyed by 7 ‘Society’ members and 1 guest player namely Colin Asmussen. Colin wishes to become a regular player with us and this was the second score card handed in (1 more card and he will be allocated his handicap). The weather was perfect throughout the game, just right for an enjoyable round of golf.

Well done to Rod Chamberlain on winning the ‘Bandit’ trophy with a round of 48. Mick Soars came in 2nd with 51 and Ron Jones 3rd with 53.

The honour of losing most balls throughout the game (4) goes to Iain Sheridan on this occasion. Mick Soars played on this occasion and had a good game coming in 2nd place. It must be said that there were no incidents of bad temper, club throwing or foul language from Mick to report on this occasion. Well done Mick.

Some stats :-

Birdies – Ron Jones (1).

Pars – Rod Chamberlain (6), Brian Rock (5), Mick Soars (4), Iain Sheridan (4), Danny Redgewell (3), Les Bounds (2), Ron jones (1), Colin Asmussen (1).

The new handicaps are as follows :-

  • Brian Rock – 16
  • Danny Redgewell – 19.5
  • Ron Jones – 34
  • Iain Sheridan – 30.5
  • Les Bounds – 24
  • Mick Soars – 29
  • Rod Chamberlain – 23

All handicaps have now been updated.