Match Report 15th July 2015

Yet another great day’s golfing enjoyed by 6 ‘Society’ members. The weather was scorching hot with wall to wall sunshine throughout the game. A slight breeze helped a little on this occasion but after the game it was decided not to arrange our next game anytime during August because of the excessivly high daily temperatures.

Well done to John Hunt on winning the ‘Bandit’ trophy again (twice on the trot) with Mick Soars coming 2nd and Iain Sheridan 3rd.

Chris Merry and Iain Sheridan are both attributed with the dubious honour of losing most balls throughout the game (3 each).

Mentioned in dispatches :-

Mick Soars´ chipping game has improved beyond belief. He chipped in some excellent shots throughout the game and on one hole chipped a 20 yard shot over a bunker which then rolled into the hole to give him a birdie … well done Mick, very impressive.

Chris Merry … well what can we say .. both first time round and second time round on the 7th hole he hit a Barnes Wallace across the lake and exited each time to end up on the fairway … usual jam ! !

Some stats :-

Birdies – Mick Soars (1), Chris Merry (1).

Pars – John Hunt (12), Mick Soars (4), Les Bounds (3), Chris Merry (2), Ted Hyman (1), Iain Sheridan (1).


The new handicaps are as follows :-

  • Chris Merry – 18.7
  • Les Bounds – 23
  • Ted Hyman – 31.2
  • Mick Soars – 33.2
  • John Hunt – 13
  • Iain Sheridan – 29

All handicaps have been updated, no photographs available for this game.


One comment

  • mick soars

    Hi Les ,
    Thanks for the compliments I am sure it won’t last long and I will be back to my usual self, clubs and all the rest that goes with it,but enjoying while it last.