Society Rules

Internal Rules & Conditions Of Play.

1. Rules & Regulations.

All ‘Society’ members are required to play in accordance with the rules of golf which are internationally standardised and jointly governed by the ‘R&A’, spun off in 2004 from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (founded 1754), and the United States Golf Association (USGA).[18][19].

2. Discipline.

If a player hits a ball into water (known as a ‘Ploppy’, ‘Barnes-Wallace’ or ‘Hyman’) or onto a motorway, urbanisation or other such populated area the following responses are permitted and must be tolerated by all other players on the day :-

a) Foul language can be used.

b) Throwing the club to the ground or up in the air in temper is also allowed.

c) Threatening to give up the game altogether and never play again.

d) Remonstrate with the Club Captain for reducing his handicap following an earlier game.

It is, however, the responsibility of every ‘Society’ member to keep such outbursts to an absolute minimum.

3. Dress Code.

‘Society’ members may wear pink shirts (also known as ‘Girlie Shirts’) during a game providing that prior permission to do so has been given by the Club Captain or Captain Of The Day. The Captain Of The Day should always be nominated prior to each game and must be a member that will never show a bias in favour of the colour pink in any way. Any member wearing a pink shirt without the aforesaid permission being granted will be asked to provide each ‘Society’ member playing on that day a liquid refreshment of their choice at the apre-golf meeting (usually held at the Monte Mar Bowls Club).

4. Club Motto.

The club motto is ‘NO WOMEN ALLOWED’ and must be strickly adhered to at all times. Any ‘Society’ member experiencing threats from a wife, girlfriend or lover regarding the withdrawal of conjugal rights, housekeeping and/or cooking duties or anything similar should report the problem to the Club Captain for appropriate action to be taken by the ‘Society’.

5. Catering.

‘Society’ members are allowed to take sandwiches and other light refreshments to any game providing that his wife, girlfriend or lover supplies enough provisions to feed each member playing on that day. It is strictly forbidden for any ‘Society’ member to bring such provisions to a game to feed only himself and then hide behind bushes and trees whilst consuming them.